A deeper understanding of love, relationships and sex

The saying ‘the path of true love never runs smoothly’ succinctly provides insight into the challenges many of us encounter on the quest for the perfect partnership. En-route to true lasting love there will be soul mate connections to learn from and other defining relationship hurdles to overcome. Our reward, for achieving a deep understanding of Self and Love, is the true real love we have only, until now, imagined.

An Eternal Partnership is not a blessing of the few. It is every soul’s birthright to be one half of a sacred union.

Terms Of Engagement

Eternal Partnerships provides insight, wisdom and understanding to individuals seeking Love wish fulfilment and couples uniting in the sacred celebration of marriage.

A deeper understanding of love, relationships and sex is yours to explore. Our services are individually tailored to meet your personal needs, and include Eternal Love Coaching, Courtship Support, Sacred Union Marriage Ceremonies and the Renewal of Vows. For those experiencing disharmony Couple Mediation and Support is also available.

Eternal Partnerships will help you understand yourself and your needs, and those of your partner, so that your partnership is able to reflect your unique individuality, your beliefs and dreams and the true essence of a happy-ever-after love story.

For more information please email: anna@eternalpartnerships.com or telephone: 07886 130454

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