Personal Services

Eternal Love Coaching – one hour – £150

Are you looking to improve the quality of your life and relationships? Do you wonder why you attract the same type of relationship/partner and experience bad romance again and again? Would you like to discover why and how you can change things for the better – to attract perfect love into your life?

To gain a better personal understanding of love, in all dimensions, this confidential service provides help and guidance so that you are able to empower yourself and create the opportunities for love, romance and happiness!

Courtship Support – one hour – £150

Sacred Union Marriage Ceremony Package – Price on application
The package includes:
2 x individual Pre-Nuptial consultations for you and your partner.
Civil Ceremony at location of your choice. (Additional travel and accommodation costs must be covered by the couple).
One post Union consultation.
One year’s post Union support, via email.

Sacred Renewed Vows – Price on application.

Couple Mediation and Support – one hour x 6 – £600

Lifestyle changes affect us in many ways. Whilst women, on the whole, are open to exploring emotional issues, in order to improve relationships and to move forward in life, men prefer to direct their focus in other directions. The result is usually emotional implosion – an inner meltdown caused by the pile up of unresolved issues and dramas – coupled with the complex demands of attempting to maintain a controlled façade.

Mediation and Support is designed to help couples understand, examine and accept sensitive issues like relationships, sexuality and other emotional stressors. With sensitivity, understanding, compassion and empathy the journey of personal discovery you will explore will empower you to view life from a fresh perspective and a deeper level of self-awareness.

Future Life Progression – one hour – £150
This technique is used to identify a potential partner and relationship, as well as any possible problems. It is also effective in understanding the process of separation and divorce and exploring all romantic options.

Past Life Regression – one hour – £150
Sometimes issues we live with today are the result of unidentified, and/or unfinished business, experienced in a past life. Connecting with soul mates will often highlight repeat patterns of behaviour we are still working through. By visiting a past life emotional issues can be explored and released allowing you the freedom to move beyond these restrictions.

3 Wishes – Email response to 3 Questions – £50
Intuitive response to questions relating to love, romance, dating, sex and relationships.

Dating Planner – Guidance and tips on the type of potential dinner date best suited to your personality, values, lifestyle and desires. This is based on intuitive analysis of your personal information and matched to avoid possible dating disappointment. – £50

Dating Profile – Getting back into the competitive dating game requires you create a memorable first impression not only in person but also in your internet dating profile. £50

Personal Services are offered in person or via Skype. Please note that business hours apply.

For more information please email: or telephone: 07886 130454.

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